Kleur doet leven. Superdye is de toonaangevende ververij voor textielgaren. Voor veelkleurige en veeleisende klanten.
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Hank Dyeing

Very uniform colours with an outstanding shine are lasting tones.
The hank dyeing process involves immersing the yarn in a dye bath.
The result: a colour of the highest quality.
Hank dyeing is wonderfully versatile. From fine to coarse thread, from small to large batch: every variation is possible. 

The exact process demands a lot from our dyers. Their expertise is crucial to the quality level we achieve. And that’s something we’re very proud of. The dyeing process is constantly adjusted. This way we can guarantee the colour-fastness and authenticity of every strand.

To excel takes time. So, naturally, we consciously choose a natural drying process of the yarns in a drying tunnel. This ensures the yarn maintains its beautiful structure. The coloured yarns are meticulously collected onto spools. Ready for applications in high-end rugs, upholstery, decoration, fashion and technical textile.


Preparing wool yarn for an optimal pinpoint effect during tufting. That’s what chemset does.
Due to the delicate processing method of wool, a clear structure is created for high-end tufted rugs.
Chemset brings the best of wool to life. Because this technique is only applied for carpets of the very best quality,
we only use pure, 100-percent New Zealand Wool. 

The delicate procedure is precision work and creates yarn that is incredibly fixed and detailed. Thanks to our chemset products, we can offer a  service from start to finish. We not only take care of the technical side of the dyeing service, but also of the pre-treatment needed to attain top notch results.

Of course we do all of this in house. This means we can answer to specific demands quicker and are assured of the best possible results.
And that, in turn, benefits our customers.

Space Dyeing 

Space dyeing involves dyeing of yarn with up to six colors to create abstract color patterns which may or may not repeat after fixed interval. Subtle combinations or outrageous colours: the yarn and the possibilities are at your fingertips.

Space dyeing demands creativity and craftsmanship. Two qualities we just happen to love. Here, the mastership of our dyer is given every chance to flourish. We combine 2 to 6 colours – which you choose of course – on one strand for an impressive play of colour.

Space dyeing is the foremost dyeing technique for unique and spectacular textile. Intensive, yes. But also vivid and intensely rich in colour, both for a refined appearance and an extravagant colour pattern. The added value is reflected in textiles for upholstery, decoration, rugs and clothing, to name a few.