We’re bringing colour to yarn.
Kleur doet leven. Superdye is de toonaangevende ververij voor textielgaren. Voor veelkleurige en veeleisende klanten.
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Hi. We’re Superdye.

Superdye starts where others stop. As a yarn dyeing studio launched in 2011, we dye all types of yarn while maintaining our focus on pure quality and flexibility. To achieve this, we combine high-quality expertise with a love for beauty. Both in the finishing and the production capacity.

Establishing ourselves in Moeskroen didn’t happen by chance. This is the heart of the Belgian textile industry. It is home to unparalleled knowledge and experience. And we gratefully take advantage of this. Not for ourselves, but for our customers.

That’s who we dye for.

Fashion, decoration, interior or rugs: we serve customers from many different sectors and continents.  And yet they all have one thing in common: an ultimate desire for sustainable quality. With textile and colour that is more real, shiny, or simply more beautiful. 

Sure, our customers are fussy, strict and critical. But that’s how we like it. It enables us to distinguish ourselves and our work. By responding even better to demands, requirements and expectations. To us, the fact that we go further than most seems logical. Because it’s not the question that counts, it’s the answer. 

This is how we make
the difference.

Get to know Superdye and discover our 3 unique assets!
Working together
as partners

Going solo is boring. We’d much rather sit down with you and get things done.

Quality in every phase

We don't follow the benchmark. We simply raise the benchmark.

Deliver fast and flexible

When we say flexibility, we mean it. We dare you!

Colour smells like music.

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